Investment Tools Available for Everyone

Investing is one of the most complex things one can do with their money. Investing can be made easier when using the right tools that offer you the right perspective on the situation though. Everyone wants to achieve their own goals with their money, and so they need the right tools to do this.

Some people are interested in monitoring their investments while others are happy to take a hands-off approach. This can affect how you invest your money. If you were to invest money in your organization then you would need to use different tools compared to when investing in mutual funds, index funds, and stocks. Here are some of the best tools for managing your finances, no matter your goals.

Investment Tools

Here are some of the best investment tools for entrepreneurs. Read through the list and choose the right one for you.

Client Portals

If you’re an investor with a high net worth then chances are that you’ve worked with either a financial advisor or an asset management group. Financial advisors and asset management groups now have their own online portals that allow clients to monitor their financial strength including their HELD AWAY assets with other firms. These client portals are great tools that make the lives of users easier, and they are typically covered by the investment advisory fees a professional charges.

Personal Capital

Personal capital has become one of the most popular tools for tracking investments, and it’s used by people that don’t use an investment advisor. There are currently over a million people using personal capital to track assets worth over $226 billion. This is a piece of free software that creates informative charts and graphs to map out income, spending, and portfolio holdings. It is also able to make comparisons between your performance and your preferred stock market index. On top of this, it can example assets and provide insights into your true exposure to a specific industry across multiple accounts and institutions. is a website that allows users to input their account information for a range of different institutions and have all their information aggregated onto a single screen. It allows you to choose a budget and check how you are spending in certain categories, check how much you are paying in investment fees, and draw comparisons between your accounts and a benchmark.

This website provides subscribers with access to mutual funds and ratings on stocks as well as allowing them to set up an online portfolio. The website would usually prevent users from integrating with other sites, and you would need to enter statements from your brokerage manually. There is now a special feature called X-Ray that allows for users to input information on their mutual funds and have the website display portfolio holdings. does this by breaking down underlying stocks held in each of the funds.

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